The Punggol Promenade Point Walk is located at the North East tip of Singapore, overlooking the Straits of Johor. Having been redeveloped over the past few years, the Punggol Point has transformed from an old fishing village to a place where residents can enjoy jogging and cycling along the coast. Having stood here since its early days, the jetty and the beach are perhaps the things that could connect the older generation to its colourful past.20150718_163339


Courtesy to a friendly taxi driver, I got to know more about Punggol Point's colourful history. The Punggol area used to be a pig farming area. During the days, one had to go past the smelly pig farms before reaching the beach at Punggol Point. Today, the area has been redeveloped into a housing estate with a huge network of new roads and public transportation. However, the road that leads to Punggol Point, the Punggol Road, is still the same road as it was 30-40 years ago but with its lanes widened.

20150718_161825If you are taking public transport, take bus 84 from Punggol Bus Interchange (just beside Punggol MRT Station) and it will take you all the way to Punggol Point in less than 15 minutes. As Punggol Point is at the tip, the bus would make a loop back from here (see picture below). So just alight at the stop near the loop.


The highlight of Punggol Point is the viewing deck. The view from here overlooks the Straits of Johor and the Pasir Gudang Sea Port. It is a romantic place to catch the sunset too. 

20150718_18383020150718_183405Below the viewing deck is the famous jetty where you can enjoy the view of the straits as well as do some fishing. 

20150718_16315420150718_163325If you are in summer mood, try the beach. Although most people come here to jog and cycle, strolling by the beach is not a bad alternative activity at Punggol Point. 


There is a children's playground at the Punggol Jetty Park near the entrance should your kids prefer the slides and swings.

20150718_164820Nevertheless, best thing to do at Punggol Point Walk is cycling by the promenade. There are bicycle rental stalls near the beach and I rented a bike from this "Go Cycling" stall. There are a variety of bikes for you to choose depending on your cycling needs. A typical mountain bike rental costs $8 per hour and $4 every 30 minutes after the first hour. 

20150718_165248If you take a closer look at the overview map, you will find that the Punggol Point Walk is connected to the Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk at Punggol East via the Punggol Nature Walk. Do try out this stretch while enjoying scenic views of the promenade. For this rental stall, you would have to cycle back to its original stall as they do not have branches along the Riverside Walk.

20150718_16310820150718_164404The view of the promenade is extremely beautiful. I had to stop multiple times to make sure that I did not miss any of them.

20150718_17144820150718_173351As you cycle or jog from Punggol Point Walk towards the direction of the Punggol Riverside Walk, you will pass by a vehicular bridge that leads to a mysterious island. This is Coney Island, an island which has yet to be inhabited. Access to Coney Island is currently restricted to authorized personnel only. 

Another attraction of Punggol Point Walk is horse riding. There is a horse stable and horse riding track at the right of the Punggol Point bus stop.

20150718_18441420150718_185010When I was there, there was a feeding session going on for a pony. Young kids were feeding the white pony carrot slices while waiting for their ride.


Punggol is famous for its seafood since the early days. It is not surprising to find a row of seafood restaurants along the Punggol Settlement building selling their signature pepper crab. If you are a little bit tight on budget like I do, head up to the second floor and try out some Peranakan (Nyonya) dishes at a reasonable price. It is also a great experience having my dinner on the upper deck as I could view the promenade from here.

20150718_17515120150718_190149As the day draws to a close, the Punggol Promenade Point Walk exhibits a whole new facade under the lights. I wish that I could stay here all night long, feeling the night breeze while listening to some soft music. 

20150718_19491920150718_195628Punggol Promenade Point Walk is a place where you would not want to miss if you love nature, cycling and see breeze. I highly recommend that you visit here during sunrise and sunset. If you had to choose one, I would think that sunset is better as you can also enjoy the amazing night view. 

Getting there:

Location: Punggol Point at the end of Punggol Road

Bus no.: 84 from Punggol Bus Interchange and alight at the last stop near the U-turn loop

Center map


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