One of the main reasons to visit the Dairy Farm Nature Park is because it offers breathtaking views of the Dairy Farm Quarry and Singapore Quarry. The Dairy Farm Quarry is especially unique. Read on to find out more!

The main entrance to Dairy Farm Nature Park is located by Dairy Farm Road. Here, there is ample parking space and also a hut with toilets and water dispenser.SAMSUNG CSC

R&R area before entering the park

Be sure to refill your water and empty your bladder here as there are no such facilities in the nature park. After the entrance, choose the path to your right to excess the route towards the quarries. You should encounter a "Y" junction soon. Turn left and head uphill.

Take the uphill route on the left

Visiting nature park like this gives you a cooling effect especially early in the morning. There are also mild uphill and downhill slopes so it is very suitable for people of all ages. After about 20-25 minutes walk from the entrance, you will reach a cross road where you will have to choose between the Dairy Farm Quarry and Singapore Quarry. I have been to both quarries on separate days so hopefully by the end of this post you will be able to make up your mind on which path you prefer.

Let's explore the Dairy Farm Quarry route first! From the cross path, turn left into the woods and it will not take you too long before you reach the quarry. Beware of mountain bikes roaming past you along this route though. Can you see a glimpse of the quarry from here? Another 5 seconds forward and you will be greeted by this view below:The Dairy Farm Quarry is unique in the sense that there is this lush green laying in front of it. If I have a magic lamp, I would ask for a horse and ride around here. There is also another granite on your left where yo can get up close, I mean really close. Touch and feel the granite and pretend that it has some magical healing effect. These vertical granites are also popular among rock climbing enthusiasts.

Rock climbing on the quarry hill

To be honest, photos don't seem to do this place justice. You really have to be there to fully soak up the magnificent scenery in front of you. Once you are done, you can either turn back and take the reverse path to get you back to the nature park entrance or you can take a short cut back. Access the short cut route through this "time lapse tunnel". Yup, there's light at the other end. View from the other end. Alright, there's no time lapse. But the short cut back to the entrance is real. Follow the mountain bike trail which will lead you back to the entrance. However, be really careful of the mountain bikes as the trail is quite narrow with quite steep up and down hill slopes. The path would get really slippery too after a rainy day. This short cut would take you around 15 to 20 minutes and you will reach the end of the trail once you encounter the road surface exit. Head left and soon you will find yourself back to where you started.

Now let's check out the Singapore Quarry route. This route is relatively straightforward and easy as most of the route is on road surface. But that also means less shade. If you pass by this premise on your left, you are heading on the right track.Keep walking until you reach the bridge. Halfway there!
This path is more popular among the locals and you will see quite a few groups taking this route especially on weekends. After another 10-15 minutes walk, you will reach the Singapore Quarry.To say that the view here is beautiful would be an understatement. I visited here when the sun was right on top of me but I could still embrace the magnificent view here at the Singapore Quarry.The Singapore Quarry is a dead end. So if you'd like to go back to the entrance, my guess is that you need to take the same path back which will take you about 40 to 45 minutes. For me, I took another path which lands me at Upper Bukit Timah Road near the Rail Mall. As you are heading back, you will see an entrance to a neighbourhood on your left. Take that path and keep left and you should pass by a playground. It should not be too difficult to navigate your way out from there. As you exit to the main road, there is a row of restaurants and coffee shops for you to pamper yourself.


Location: 100 Dairy Farm Rd, Singapore 679057

Bus no.: 700, 700A, 966 and alight at Before Dairy Farm Rd. stop or After Dairy Farm Rd. stop

Center map


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